Prepaid card

Buy your Festipay Prepaid MasterCard at every hungarian OMV petrol station, 24 hours a day! Anonymous cards are only available at the shops.

Festipay Prepaid MasterCard is a prepaid, contactless bank card that is valid at all merchants that accept MasterCard, in-store or on-line and can be used at ATMs to withdraw cash too. The first edition, unique festival imagery prepaid card could be used for payments at Sziget Festival for the very first time.


We love to create new things

This is the first prepaid card in Hungary that can actually be loaded using cash. Festipay Zrt is working on developing a nationwide Prepaid Reload Network, whose first member is the entire Hungarian gas station network of OMV.  The prepaid card can also be topped up via text message, by money transfer, by bankcard or real time card-to-card transfer.

One of the great advantages of a prepaid card is that the owner can easily control their spending as only the exact amount deposited by the owner can be spent using the card – a trait that also provides safety in case of shopping online. Requesting a bank-independent prepaid card is simple and quick, the customer doesn’t need a current account or to sign a contract.

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Who do we recommend?

Recommended for those who:


  • would like to get a bank-independent prepaid card fast and easily
  • want their online shopping or other services to be secure and safe
  • want to control their spendings
  • are looking for a great gift
  • want more control over their children’s allowance
  • use money-sending services and would like a safer option

How can you top-up your prepaid card?

Quick and simple:



with debit and credit card


By Cash

cash at OMV stations or Festipay Prepaid Top Up Points


Bank transfer

Which card should I choose?

Instant Issued Card (IIC)

is only available at the shops of the hungarian OMV petrol station;

no personal information needed;

card can be used up to 150 EUR and can not be recharged after first top up;

can be upgraded to SDD or KYC online.

Standard Due Diligence (SDD)

online registration with name, email, birthdate;

can be topped up by bank transfer, credit card or cash;

card can be used up to 2500 EUR per year; can be upgraded to KYC

Know Your Customer (KYC)

 online registration  with additional documents (residence card, ID) provided;

can be topped up by bank transfer, credit card, cash or real-time transfer between prepaid cards;

card can be used up to 15 000 EUR per year

Festipay Prepaid Card Fees

For the first time you should top up your card with HUF 8900, HUF 3900 is the one time card fee and HUF 5000 will still remain on your card, available to spend.
Every reload should be at least HUF 5000.

One time Card Fee HUF 3 900
Monthly Service Fee HUF 626

Fee Name

HUF Total

Card Fee

HUF 3 900

Monthly Service Fee

HUF 626


What is a prepaid card?

It’s like a debit card but it is loaded to a predefined amount and can be            re-loaded as and when required.

You will only be able to make purchases with the card when there are sufficient funds on your direct payments prepayment card and you will not be able to spend more than this amount.

The prepaid card works just like any other bank debit card.

How can I get a Festipay Prepaid MasterCard® card?

You can register for the prepaid card online at